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Indulge in history, heritage and the great outdoors, and book your next UK staycation in North Cumbria. We highly recommend staying in Carlisle, a historic industrial town and home to a 900-year-old castle.

With such historical significance, this beautiful part of the UK and ideal for history buffs and those who love exploring the great outdoors. Considered North Cumbria’s capital city, Carlisle has plenty to see and do!

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Things to do in North Cumbria

Your first stop should be at Carlisle Castle, a former fortress built to protect the north of England from invaders. Here you can walk the castle’s outer walls, visit the dungeon, and even grab a coffee and a slice of cake.

For those who love architecture, head to St Martin’s Church, which was designed by the Pre-Raphaelite architect Phillip Webb, and contains one of England’s most exquisite sets of stained glass windows.

While visiting North Cumbria, you can also check out Hadrian’s Wall, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Stretching 73 miles, the Romans built Hadrian’s Wall to guard the wild north-west frontier during the Roman Empire. This rugged landscape was once home to Roman Britain, and today you can visit it or book a private tour from Carlisle.

As the sun begins to set, why not visit the House of Malt in Carlisle. An independent purveyor of the finest spirits available. Taste malt whisky, gin, and brandy before heading home, pretty merry!

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