Fascinating Facts about The Lake District!

7 Facts you possibly didn't know until now...

As Autumn approaches and the days grow shorter, we thought it would be the perfect time to share some interesting facts about The Lake District with you. From hidden gems to historical facts, I have picked things that most people may not know… But the question is, Do you?


There is only one Lake in the Lake District!

Bassenthwaite Lake, situated near Keswick, is officially the only lake by name. There are 16 bodies of water, however, the rest have either mere or water in their name.


Did you know there are hidden natural Infinity Pools?

Tucked away in the heart of the Lake District, Thirlmere Infinity Pool is a hidden paradise for those seeking a wild swimming experience. It has earned its reputation as one of the finest natural infinity pools in the region, drawing both locals and tourists eager to take a dip in its waters. Accessible via a relatively straightforward hike, with just a challenging section near the waterfall, this spot welcomes adventurers of all levels.

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The Home of Sticky Toffee Pudding

Sticky Toffee Pudding has a home… and it’s Cartmel. This sticky dessert was invented by Howard and Jean Johns. They first arrived in Cartmel in 1971 to manage the King’s Arms in the town square.

After a stint in Grange, they returned to take over the struggling Cartmel Village Shop in 1989. That’s where they perfected the recipe for this beloved British treat. Today, Cartmel is famous for, not only its racecourse, but also its sticky toffee pudding!


Have you ever spotted the Bridge House in Ambleside?

This tiny house in the Centre of Ambleside is not only an interesting site to see, but also has a lot of history. The Bridge House was built over the Stock Ghyll originally to avoid land tax! It was first designed as an apple store and was later used as a house for a family with six children… Imagine that!


The first ever pencil was created in the Lake District!

The essential stationary item, pencils, have an origin story rooted in the Lake District. The graphite mine at Seathwaite, discovered in the 1550s, was the source of the natural material needed to create the world’s first pencil.

The history is preserved and displayed at the Pencil Museum in Keswick, foundered in 1831 and eventually created the very first coloured pencil along the way.


The Most Visited National Park in the UK

The Lake District holds the title of the UK’s most-visited national park, drawing in more than 16 million visitors annually. This popularity can be attributed to various factors, including its ties to Renowned writers, such as William Wordsworth.

Beyond the fame of literacy, the Lake District’s scenery and walking trails contribute to the reasons why so many people visit this National Park Annually!


The Lake District is home to England’s highest peaks!

In the heart of the Lake District National Park, you’ll find a handful of England’s highest peaks. Scafell Pike reigns as the highest, towering at 978 meters. Helvellyn at 950 meters, Skiddaw at 931 meters, and Great Gable at 899 meters all add to the park’s rugged beauty, offering opportunities for hikers to explore these iconic heights. You wouldn’t catch me up there!

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