St Bees & The West Coast

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Explore the Breathtaking West Coast of Cumbria: Miles of Stunning Scenery, Ancient Maritime History and Wildlife-Spotting Opportunities Galore!

The West Coast of Cumbria is a breathtakingly beautiful area of England that has long been an important region. Rich in history, the area is known for its miles of stunning coastal scenery and traditional fishing villages.

From the sweeping bays to the dramatic cliffs, there are plenty of places to explore and admire the awe-inspiring landscape. Plus, the proximity to popular tourist attractions such as Coniston Water and Wastwater make the West Coast an ideal destination for those looking for a holiday that combines adventure with relaxation.

The area has links to ancient maritime history, from trading ports and whaling exploits to its big part in World War II when it became home to numerous RAF bases.

For visitors wanting a break away from it all, there’s plenty of peace and quiet too; quaint pubs, traditional restaurants serving up local seafood specialities and wildlife spotting opportunities in abundance all make this an unforgettable corner of English coastline.

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